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Hi and welcome to my website! I have the best job in the world, Non-stop PHP coding.


My name is Emad Mohamed. I am married and have a lovely 14-year-old daughter named 'Sun.' I've been a part of the online world for 12 years, during which I've acquired knowledge in various fields. I have managed both successful and unsuccessful websites because internet marketing doesn't guarantee success all the time. The key takeaway is that you need to learn from your mistakes to avoid stumbling again.

My primary interests include traveling, learning SEO, and modifying cars. I genuinely hope you enjoy exploring my site.


The primary goal of is to empower webmasters to resolve their website's issues without requiring professional assistance, thus saving a significant amount of their financial resources.

When I initially began my journey on the internet, I spent a substantial sum of money on freelancer websites to address minor problems due to my lack of experience.