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5 Best Free Keyword Ranking Checker Tools

Keyword Ranking Tools
Keyword Ranking Tools

Everything is started with a keyword, as a webmaster, it’s your responsibility to keep tracking your keyword’s ranking positions to know which content in your website doing well in search engines and which one needs more work for better rank and visibility.

More visibility means more web traffic, customers, and sales. It’s that simple. In this short article, i will list the best free online tools to check your Keyword Ranking Position.

How to Optimize a Keyword in a Webpage?

Optimizing your content with a certain keyword means, using that keyword in the perfect places in your webpage to increase potential traffic. The benefits of keyword optimization are magnificent because they will help you to drive quality organic traffic.

If you don’t choose and use keywords your customers are searching for, you won’t get found. That means no traffic, no sales, no money. So, consider the following positions for better keyword optimization:-

  • URL: Page URL should be simple, target and touching your main keyword. check this page’s URL as an example, Title is longer than the URL because the Title is mainly written for users to give them the whole idea about my article but the URL is simple and point directly to the keyword which is “Keyword Ranking Position”.
  • Webpage Title: The top part of your page in the browser, is your Title. So, its more reasonable to use your main keyword in Page’s title as it’s the most important piece of your content.
  • Introduction: Placing your keyword in the first paragraph of your content is a crucial step, because it let the reader decide for “should i complete reading this article or not?!”
  • Webpage Description: Maybe it’s a hidden part from your users in your page but its a good practice to add your main or secondary keyword in meta description tag because it’s an important part of rich snippets in Google results pages.
  • Heading: Heading and sub-heading tags are eye-catching parts in your content. So, you should use your important long tail keywords in all headings to write effective and useful content.
    Images: Don’t forget to use your keyword in image alt attribute to increase the presence of your content in search engines.
  • Content Structure: One of the best SEO keyword optimization is floating long tail keywords inside your whole page because there is no way to rank a webpage for the single or exact keyword.
  • Internal Links: There are many webmasters still didn’t believe that internal links has the same impact of outside backlinks. It’s also important to track and manage your internal link text like inbound links, anchor txt, breadcrumb links and navigational links.

title Keyword optimization

description Keyword optimization

heading content Keyword optimization

How to Improve a Keyword Ranking Position?

The Incredible Long Tail Keywords: Creating a keyword list before starting write your post is very important step for successful SEO keyword optimization. Longer articles needs more long tail and matching target keywords.

optimize longtail keywords

The Abandoned Keyword Density: If you decide to place each of (first keyword, secondary keyword, and long-tail keywords) one time only on a webpage body, then how is the spider decide “Which one of them should i rank your page for ?!!”

At the same time, there is no magic standard percentage number for keyword density, but 2-4% will be enough for keyword optimization which means if your article is 300-400 words, then your main keyword should appear at least 2-6 times in the whole content’s body.

Keyword Density

Keyword Competition: One of the biggest and most common mistakes of a webmaster is trying to rank for a certain keyword without doing proper research for keyword competition to know who is holding this keyword. There is no chance to rank for a keyword that holding by high authority websites or extremely high competitive keywords.

Keyword Competition

The Unknown Keyword Difficulty: keywords difficulty one of the most important factors that you should take it in consideration when you trying to target for any keywords, it gives you a range number that describe the competition on this keywords which make it easy for you to pick up the right keywords for your niche and content.

For example, if you target keywords with Difficulty 70 and above – you will most probably not rank as those keywords are too competitive and extremely hard to rank for. The lower the number in the Difficulty, the easier it is to rank for.

keywords with Difficulty of 30 and below. They are good to go. You can start from 40 and below too. 40 is an acceptable starting point but would require a little more quality backlink power and time obviously.

Keyword Difficulty

What is the Best Free Online Tools to Check Keyword Ranking Position?

#1 Semrush Keyword Rank Checker

Semrush Keyword Rank Checker is one of the best and biggest Ranking checker for websites and keywords, it gives you very detailed report about – Check the following amazing features:

  • Organic search (Volume and Number of results)
  • Paid search (CPC, Competition, CPC Trend chart and CPC countries Distribution)
  • Phrase match keywords
  • Related keywords
  • Organic Search Results with Top 20 websites
  • Ads copies and Ads history

semrush rank checker

semrush keyword checker
#2 SERPs Free Keyword Rank Checker provide a great free keyword rank checker tool for local search ranking (by countries), devices search ranking (Desktop or Mobile) and by specific search engine (Google or Yahoo) and return with the top 250 SERP results for any given keyword.

serps rank checker

#3 Keyword Position Tool

Keyword Position Tool is a part of “Small Seo Tools”, one of the best free online SEO tools that will help you a lot in SEO marketing for free. The special feature in this tool, that you can choose which page range you want to check. Which is a great idea to check your position in the top search engines for specific keywords to determine what is working, and what needs more work.

keyword position tool

#4 Keyword Rank Checker

Keyword Rank Checker (This tool is dead try another tool) is a part of well known Online SEO Tools “”, which give you the ability to check your keyword ranking position for any keyword in the most of search engines and generate an advanced report including related keywords and spell check, but it’s limited with 15 checking daily for each IP.

keyword rank checker

#5 Google keyword rank checker

Google keyword rank checker allows you to instant check to know the exact position of a keyword based on a domain name.
google keyword rank checker


  • Don’t target many pages with the same keyword.
  • Take care of the above best keywords places for better On-page optimization.
  • It doesn’t make any scene to write posts without keyword research first, because you won’t found by anyone.
  • Checking a keyword Difficulty and Competition is must DO job before you trying to rank for it, to prevent any time or effort losing.


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