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10 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

Best SEO Plugins for Wordpress
Best SEO Plugins for Wordpress

Almost every other business is found on the internet. There is a website for everything you can think of! From food to cars to shopping, the online industry is predominantly fast and lucrative. This is why your website should comprise high SEO values and good organic ranks.

One of the finest platforms for designing websites that are SEO friendly would be WordPress. The platform comprises many enticing features that can add more value and panache to your site. With this being said, here are Top 10 WordPress SEO Plugins for better online ranks and visibility.

SEO Plugin #1 – Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO (by Joost de Valk – 1+ million Active Installs)
There are many reasons behind the fame of Yoast SEO. It is one of the town’s finest WordPress plugins that can improve your organic rank and on page SEO rank. Using Yoast SEO, you can write meta information in a flawless and effortless manner.

The Yoast plugin will give you a comprehensive Google search result snippet preview. The preview will tell you what your content or website looks like during a Google search. Secondly, Yoast SEO will help you claim authorship of what you include on the website. Thirdly, Yoast SEO will rank your website page-by-page.

The ranking is done based on keyword density and website structure. Above all, Yoast SEO is configured to generate up-to-date XML sitemap files that can direct Google (and many other search engines).

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SEO Plugin #2 – W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache (by Frederick Townes – more than 900,000 Active Installs)
According to experts, W3 Total Cache is one of the best plugins for WordPress. The plugin comprises of six amazing benefits. First of all, it improves the performance of websites by 10 times. It will make sure your site receives high scores in Google Page Speed and YSlow.

Meanwhile, the plugin can improve your virtual rank. This is an indispensable promise made by W3. Moving on, W3 Total Cache promises instant page views. It makes use of caching to reduce the time required to load pages and increase the number of visitors to your website. Conversely, the plugin is capable of optimizing progressive rendering.

SEO Plugin #3 – Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps (by Arne Brachhold – 1+ million Active Installs)
As suggested by its name, Google XML Sitemaps are used to create sitemaps. This is a very important feature that extracts text and links from websites. As a result, your website will be identified and indexed by a wide range of search engines. The plugin automatically redirects content from your website to the search engine.

The transition happens once your website is created. Above all, you are not expected to have a Google Account to use this plugin. The moment you register your site with Google, its radar will be on it! Hence, your website will be ranked and indexed appropriately.

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SEO Plugin #4 – Newsletter Sign-Up

Newsletter Sign-Up (by Ibericode, Danny van Kooten, Ines van Essen and Harish Chouhan)
Newsletter sign-up is not a dead world. This is because almost all internet users have an email account that is open to receive newsletters! WordPress uses the Newsletter Sign Up Plugin to abridge the gap between customers and companies. When compared to conventional web content, newsletters and emails are targeted, personal and predominantly purposeful.

After all, newsletters are meant to land in the customer’s personal/official inbox. This way, there is nothing to inhibit your overall reach. Similarly, newsletters are meant to be designed with a purpose in mind. Hence, you can convince customers through carefully drafted newsletters.

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SEO Plugin #5 – WordPress Related Posts Plugins

All business owners dream of websites that can attract customers and keep them longer. Most people visit sites on Facebook, blogs, and Twitter. Conversely, you can use related post plugins to direct users to your web page. There are plenty of WordPress-related post plugins. Here are a quick walkthrough few common ones:

YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin) Display a list of related posts on your site based on a powerful unique algorithm.
Related posts thumbnails will make sure your blog/site stands out. It is a simple tool that can improve your online presence without much excerpts.
Related Posts Slider is an intuitive way of making your website interactive and super-cool. It will make your site sleek and modern. The plugin will certainly jazz up your page.

SEO Plugin #6 – Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker (by ManageWP)
Do you know that broken links can result in missed opportunities? Due to the rapid growth of website CMS systems, most sites have frequent updates and several editors. This results in many expected and unexpected mistakes. To be more precise, websites with excess content suffers the risks of broken links. This is when the Broken Link Checker becomes essential.

As a standalone plugin, a broken links checker will identify all possible broken links on your web page. Always remember that broken links will result in poor client experience. And, search engines rank websites with broken links poorly. Through this plugin, you can build firm websites with links that are properly configured.

SEO Plugin #7 – Speed Booster Pack

Speed Booster Pack (by tiguan)
The speed of your website plays an integral role on how many customers visit your site. According to a recent study, websites that are fast and flawless have more visitors than the rest. This is why you should increase the rate at which your site loads.

Luckily, WordPress has Speed Booster Packs to improve the page loading speed. Speed Booster Packs are fine-tuned to make sure your site receives a better score in GTmetrix, YSlow, Google PageSpeed, and many other online speed testing tools. Here are a few interesting features of this plugin:

  • The plugin loads CSS files asynchronously.
  • Speed Booster Pack removes unnecessary header tags and query strings.
  • Speed Booster Pack eradicates the need for external CSS and javascript that can render/block your site.
  • Most images are loaded lazily by the plugin. To be more precise, images are loaded based on bandwidth and network latency.

SEO Plugin #8 – Share Buttons by AddToAny

Share Buttons by AddToAny (by AddToAny and Micropat)
Placing Share buttons in your posts is very important to increase your website presence in social media networks.

This sharing plugin helps people to share and save your posts and pages using any service, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, and well over 100 more sharing and social bookmarking sites.

SEO Plugin #9 – WP-PageNavi

WP-PageNavi (by Lester Chan and Scribu – 1+ million Active Installs)
Provide to your users the ability to navigate easily between pages, this plugin is must have if your website has more than 10 pages because its very hard to use old jump page template (Older posts | Newer posts).

Adds an advanced paging navigation interface with fancy pagination that makes it easy for your visitors to jump between your pages.

SEO Plugin #10 – SEO Friendly Images

SEO Friendly Images (by Vladimir Prelovac)
Last but certainly not least, you can use SEO friendly images for better online success. As suggested by its name, it is a straightforward tool for attracting customers through SEO-friendly images. Apart from SEO-based content, you can use images to add more value to your site and to increase its visibility.

Last Word …

To improve your website on-page optimization you have to get help from Best SEO Tools, that makes above plugins are must-have plugins. So, what SEO plugins strategy have you implemented on your WordPress blog?



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