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7 Best Ways to Grow Your Email List

Best Ways to Grow Your Email List
Best Ways to Grow Your Email List

As a marketer, it is your responsibility to make sure you are continuously adding fresh contacts to your email campaigns. This way, your numbers will continue to increase, and hopefully, so will your sales. Mind you, so many people are reaching out to purchase email lists and that is the wrong way to go. Today, we are going to learn together How to Email List Building Success in Easy Steps.

Why You Have to Build Your Email List?

Email is Private – People can openly share their struggles, unlike public comments on Facebook or a blog.
Email is Direct – You will be skipping the middleman and delivering the message straight to your targeted audience.
Email is Personal – It’s friendly and is a great way to build trust with people.

What is the Best Ways to Grow Your Email List?

Email list building strategies is the only stand out way to convert your visitors into a loyal customers and bring them back again and over again for more content. Here are the incredible 7 best practices to steady grow your email list:

  1. Call to Action
  2. Free Offer
  3. Reach out new Audience
  4. Online Contest
  5. Pinterest
  6. Be Clear
  7. Newsletter

Call to Action: Never Ever Fail

In marketing, a call-to-action is an instruction to the visitor to do an immediate response. You can capture email signups throughout your site. The offers should be upfront, people shouldn’t have to dig around in order to find these subscription options. In our case, placing an attractive sign up form with many strategies which lead to immediate boosts to email signups, for examples: Popups, slide widgets, menus, top-bar and popovers.

Call-to-action techniques have countless possibilities to grow your email list, placing multiple call-to-action signup forms on the same page will definitely increase the opportunities to subscribe. Your website design will help you to place sign-up forms everywhere without annoying your readers. You may even want to consider placing signup on your “contact us” page.

Places you should consider might be a signup at the header of your site (Top-bar signup form) , a signup at the top of a blog post (Signup link form) , a signup at your sidebar (Sidebar widget or fixed widget at the bottom) and finally a popup signup form with Exit-Intent Technology from OptinMonster which allows you to convert an abandoning visitor into a subscribers and shortly after a customer.

Exit-Intent popup signup

Give a Free Way

Attaching something valuable to your email signup form is a Rocketfire way to grab your reader’s attention so fast. In most cases when a visitor finished reading your unique and useful content, he will be in an appreciation mood and that’s the right time to hit with your free offer like Download a free eBook or Sign up for a free trial.

signup popup form

Gain New People from Current Subscribers

Encourage your current subscribers to forward your emails by including an “email to a friend” or a “social sharing” button. This will encourage your current email subscribers to share your news, which will help you gain access to fresh people who may sign up for the list.

Encourage subscribers

Hold an Online Contest

Have you noticed all of the online contests going on around you? Companies aren’t just holding them out of “the kindness of their hearts.” They’re holding them in order to get email addresses.

What you need to do is hold an online contest, such as a free giveaway and have the individuals sign up using their email address – this will give you their email address. Don’t just “say” you’re having a contest – the contest should be real and based on your niche, this way, you will get people who are interested in your niche.

Using Pinterest to Promote Offers

Did you know you can use Pinterest in order to build your email list? When learning how to build your email list, you definitely shouldn’t overlook this one, because Pinterest is pretty popular. Promote offers that require email sign-ups.

Be Crystal Clear

You need to be crystal clear when it comes to the “what’s in it for me” portion. If you tell your visitors exactly what is in it for them, they will want to put their email in immediately.

Publish a Newsletter within Your Niche

Newsletters are a major key to email marketing because they allow you to send knowledge to your readers on a continuous basis. Mind you, you need to create a well-read newsletter and there is a lot involved in this – many companies have a full team that is fully focused on creating newsletters.

However, if you aren’t able to hire a full team, there are still some options that will allow you to do it yourself. Write the content with your subscriber’s needs in mind – offer useful information. Note: Subject lines that offer free products, new features, and ways to save money have a higher click-to-open rate than the normal subject lines.

Learn more about the best Newsletter plugins for your WordPress site

Wrapping Up ..

Email is a great way to reach out to people and build long-term relationships. Since you are trying to learn how to grow your email list, you probably already know that email marketing has one of the highest ROIs (Return On Investment) when it comes to marketing.
Now that you know how to build your email list, it is time to get started.



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