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8 Best Ways to Build Quality Backlinks

best ways to build quality backlinks

“How to build backlinks to your website?” is a common question raised by many web page developers and online marketers. According to sources, link building can take a toll on your online performance. It is extremely important for virtual success.

For instance, Google admires websites with plenty of relevant, up-to-date page links. With Google’s Penguin update, link building and backlinks have become crucial to surviving in the virtual platform. With this being said, you should incorporate organic and natural backlinks to stay safe.

By definition, organic backlinks are created by blogs, websites and social profiles. As suggested by its name, backlinks connect (refer) back to sites to create complete content.

Here are 8 interesting methods to answer the question, “How to build backlinks for SEO?

Post Genuine, Authentic, Up-to-date Content

Wikipedia is one of the finest examples with plenty of organic and natural backlinks. It enjoys prudent amounts of love from mighty search engines like Bing and Google. This can be attributed to its epic and amazing content.

Most website developers use Wikipedia links because it is rare to find or put together. In simpler terms, your website must have complete, detailed information. However, your posts are not expected to be lengthy at all times. Instead, make them crisp, to the point and informative.

quality content

Make Use of Controversial Topics

Have you ever wondered about the power of controversy? Nothing can be as juicy as new controversies. Controversial topics are capable of grabbing more eyeballs at a faster rate than anything else.

Conversely, these topics will help you acquire plenty of backlinks to your site. Meanwhile, remember to keep the links and topics away from tacky things. Sometimes, it would be wise to steer away from legal problems and scientific theories!

Controversial Topics

Rely on Case Studies

Some websites tend to build backlinks with the help of case studies. “How to build backlinks manually” will no longer be an issue when you concentrate on case studies that are based on what you have documented over a period of time.

Generally, this type of information will help you grab the attention of people who have done research on similar content. The use of great case studies is one of the easiest (and safest) ways by which you can attract organic backlinks to your website. This is a phenomenal method that can be used to obtain natural backlinks in the future too.

Case Studies

Use Facts & Figures

A wonderful way to earn legit natural backlinks would be with the help of figures and facts. Just like how footnotes and bibliography work at the end of books/research papers, facts & figures will help you attract visitors with flawless information. For instance, Dan Zarella obtained the utmost level of fame in social media networking by providing facts and figures. He trained people on how to build backlinks manually.

Facts Figures

Using Videos

Another interesting way to build natural backlinks would be through video blogging or vlogging. Over the years, the need for videos (& images) has increased remarkably. Videos can be used to express your views, thoughts, and ideas as quickly as possible.

Hence, it is a great way of backlinking. Sites like YouTube depend on millions and millions of videos. When compared to many other methods of backlinking, vlogging/video blogging is easy and straightforward. After all, you don’t need camera specialists or special effects to capture videos that serve as backlinks.

Straight Links

Nothing can be as discreet and straightforward as a “Link to our Website”. If your web page comprises of useful content, you can always advise users to visit it! There are many action buttons, HTML codes and banners to redirect visitors to your webpage. Nevertheless, make sure your content is worth the read.

Being a Part of Google

To build natural backlinks, you must be a part of Google’s business list. This is not optional but a prime necessity. Google’s business directory will rank your website safely and freely. It will pull a link to your site that is useful but specific locations. Verifying your website on Google will bring you a step closer to bloggers.

Meanwhile, you can create backlinks by optimizing pages for multiple or single web locations. As you verify your business with renowned search engines like Google, your site will receive a massive SEO advantage. Usually, the competition for local keywords is less! You can use this feature and add more dedicated local keywords to your site. These keywords can be used as natural backlinks.

Create a Blog

Gone are the days when blogs were pure chunks of words. Today, web developers use blogs to earn natural backlinks. Blogs with a neutral tone and carefully chosen words will help your business with new visitors.

Most modern marketing teams are aware of the importance of using unique content and establishing a reliable schedule. More than 90% of online visitors prefer websites that have valuable content.

Hence, if you want visitors who reach your website from different locations to be pleased, you must have engaging information. Now, the answer to how to build backlinks with blog comments depends on your blog itself. Bear in mind that visitors will comment and backlink to your site, only if your content is too good or too bad.

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Building Backlinks

In addition to these responses on how to build backlinks 2015, here are a few things you must not do:

  1. Never try paying for backlinks. If you do, Google will rank your site negatively.
  2. Don’t rely on unknown directories. These sites will ask for money and affect your online image badly. Shun away from such service providers like a plague.
  3. Never automate the link building process. Automated tasks might seem fancy, however, it may spam your website. Also, don’t use 3rd party software to create links.

Wrapping UP …

  • Organic, natural and relevant backlinks are direct ranking signal to search engines that you have quality and informative content. Writing quality content is not enough to rank higher because sooner or later, your competitors will overcome on you with their high quality backlinks.
  • Last but certainly not least, acquire professional help while you learn how to build backlinks to your website. Honest help from skilled individuals will undeniably change your back linking experience.

Share with us, your strategies to build natural backlinks by leaving a quick comment right now.



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