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How to Improve Your Domain Authority

Improve Your Domain Authority
Improve Your Domain Authority

Domain Authority is an interesting metric developed by the world-famous Moz. It plays a very important role in search engine optimization. Websites with higher domain authority tend to perform better in the online market. These sites are likely to receive higher page ranks and more online traffic. However, a lot of web developers and marketers misunderstand the opportunities devoured by domain authority.

What is Domain Authority in SEO?

First of all, you should understand that Domain Authority (DA) is not a standalone parameter. It is influenced by many factors to rating a website defined by a score scale of 1-100. However, if you wish to improve your website’s domain authority, you should fine-tune the links on your site.

Check how many backward links are found on your website. Web pages with more backward links gain more authority. If you want a domain authority of 100, you should work very hard. In most cases, it is predominantly difficult to receive a DA of 100.

Famous search engines like Google and social networking sites like Facebook have a score of 100. You cannot change the domain authority of your website over night. It is a length yet gradual process.

What is Page Authority?

Page Authority depends on the same factors for domain authority metrics. Unlike DA which measures the power of the whole main domain, page authority measures the ranking power of a single page which means your internal posts and pages.

Why Domain Authority is Important for SEO?

With all Google algorithm updates that keep coming regularly to punishing and penalty every possible bad, spam, and thin content website. It makes Domain Authority is very important now to stand out amongst your competitors.

There are no ways to spam the Google algorithm system anyhow and you are alone now with your skills and SEO experience to put your site at the top.

What are the Most Important Factors to Improve Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) depends mainly on two important factors MozRank and MozTrust.

MozRank: It measures the links trust score that point back to your site. Receiving backlinks from trusted, quality and high authority websites like Wikipedia, government and university sites is a strong trust endorsement.
MozTrust: It measures the links popularity and importance score that point back to your website.The higher the quality of the incoming links, the higher the MozRank.

Also, the following metrics are measured by Website Authority Checker:

  1. Age of URLs
  2. Google Page Rank
  3. Number of external links point to your site
  4. Quality of these external links also plays a major role.
  5. Total social media signals (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+)

What is The Best Domain Authority Checker Tool?

Before you make changes to your link profile, make use of the Website Authority Checker to identify the position of your site in the real market.

Open site Explorer is a powerful tool that will check page authority and domain authority for you.

Domain Authority checker tool

How to Improve Your Domain Authority?

Now that you know what domain authority is; how will you improve it? Well, you should begin with your link profile but there are many factors that you should improve. Small changes in the overall quality of your web page will improve the DA of your site.

Domain Authority factors

#1. Build Quality Backlinks

Gaining good links into your site is easy said than done. You can gain good links by approaching SEO agencies or maintaining a strong relationship with bloggers who can acquire high quality backlinks (legitimate). These are expensive and risky ways of gaining good links.

#2. Remove Bad and Spammy Backinks

Nevertheless, the process of removing bad links is easy and uncomplicated. All that you should do is identify broken links or links to inappropriate sites and remove them. Also, you have to scan and check your link profile by regularly basis to identify the spam and unwanted backlinks then remove them by Google disavow tool.

#3. Diversify Your Backlinks

There are many ways by which you can handle your link profile, getting backlinks from different trusted sources will make your link profile looks very powerful and diversified.

As stated above, .eu and .gov are powerful and very trusted website – gaining a relevant backlinks from them will definitely increase your Domain Authority and Page Authority as well.

#4. Domain Profile Information

Domain registration info: Who own this domain, is the owner has bad history of having a spam domains?
Domain expiration date: When your domain will expired? Do you renew your domain only once per year?. You should renew your domain for at least 5 years to show to the world that you are serious about your business.
Domain age: Although many SEO experts says that, domain age is not playing any important role nowadays but its still helps the domain authority.

#5. Internal links

How is your pages and posts are linking to each other, internal linking is one of the best ways to rank your internal pages even without low number external backlinks.

#6. On-Page Optimization

There are many On-Page (On-Site) factors that will help you to improve your website presence. Hence, boost your domain authority score.

#7. Social Media Networks Score

Do you have official Facebook, Twitter and Google+1 pages, if not?!. You are losing a huge opportunity to improve domain authority by linking back from these incredible authority websites.

Key of Concepts

  • To improve your domain authority score, you should make sure technical SEO falls in place. The technical aspects of search engine optimization act as the foundation for better websites. This is the first thing you should look into.
  • Secondly, create plenty of linkable posts. May it be images, text, or videos, they should be linkable. This will have a direct impact on your site’s domain authority. To excel in content marketing, your site should have ample content.
  • Thirdly, engage in strong internal linking. This will trigger a pathway to powerful external links.


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