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10 Best Keyword Research Tools for Better SEO

Keyword Research Tools for Better SEO
Keyword Research Tools for Better SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the finest ways by which you can ensure online success. Unfortunately, SEO is a tacky subject that has to be handled with lots of care and concern. One thing that has remained consistent in Search Engine Optimization for several decades would be “Keyword Research”.

The process of performing keyword research on your websites can be broken into many different stages. In this short article, you will get a comprehensive insight through a few inevitable keyword research tips. Always remember that keyword research should be carried out on your website for visible results.

How To Do Keyword Research for SEO?

Keyword research will help you identify where you stand with respect to Google searches. The process plays an integral role in targeting. Your keyword research results must be upright to witness a better online image. Consequently, you should identify the best ways to perform keyword research on your website.

Choose Keywords

First of all, You have to pick up the main keyword that will be the head of your content before you start writing because publishing content without targeting keywords that describe your pages is worthless. Even worst, it’s a waste of time because you will not be found by anyone.

You should be aware of the titles, topics, and keywords that must be used during writing your articles. Always go for generic terms that will be used by potential online visitors. According to SEO specialists, you must have five to fifteen keywords in your mind. These keywords should be extremely important for your online trade. Of course, you can use these keywords to come up with fine-tuned and much more specific key terms.

Form Phrases

You must use the keywords identified in the last step to fill the topic body. This is a very tricky phase that should be tackled carefully. If you have 15 keywords in mind, you should handpick the top 5 or 7 (nothing more, nothing less).

The keywords you choose must play an integral role in the search engine results pages (SERP). This is because potential customers will carry out searches based on these keywords. If you have 1-3 of these words in your topic content, there is a better chance of grabbing more customers.

With respect to a company that sells marketing tools, the following phrases can make up a topic bucket:

  1. Effective Marketing Automation methods
  2. What is lead nurturing for your business
  3. How to use a marketing software effectively?
  4. What is marketing automation for your business?
  5. All about email marketing and online automation
  6. Top marketing automation tools for your business
  7. Does your business require business automation principles and tools?

The foremost list is quite endless! This is a just a simple list to show how keywords can be used in a topic’s content body.

Head Terms vs. Long Tail keywords

Moving on, you can use keyword research tools free to mix long-tail phrases with head terms. There is a very thin line between head terms and long-tail keywords/phrases. Head terms are generic keywords and very competitive holding by high authority websites that are less than three words.

On the other hand, long tail keywords are low competitive and easy to rank – have at least three important key terms.

When you mix head terms with long-tail keywords, you should focus on short-term and long-term goals. This is because head terms are used frequently, but long-tail keywords are required for better Google Ranks. Based on how you use head terms and long-tail keywords, the overall web traffic to your site will change.

Understand Your Rivals

Now, you should see how your competitors use keyword research. Just because your rivals follow certain keyword research tips you don’t have to adhere to them! Nevertheless, it is important to know how your competitor gains web traffic. Their methods and principles will help you evaluate your keywords.

If a keyword is ranked highly by your competitor, there must be a reason behind this. So, don’t ignore these keywords but check if they will help you. If yes, there is no harm in re-using them! Meanwhile, don’t ignore the keywords rejected by your competitors. After all, bricks thrown away by some can become your cornerstones!

What is the Best Keyword Research Tools?

Using keyword research tools online will help you to make a huge and effective keyword list of related search terms. This is a creative way of performing keyword research. According to experts, keyword research in SEO remains incomplete without this step.

#1- Google Suggestions

If you are struggling to identify similar terms, make use of Google! Kick. Start a search in Google to identify similar terms to your base keywords. Some keywords can trigger other keywords and take your PageRank to high levels.

Google Suggestions

#2- Google Related Searches

Scroll down Google’s results page for effective related suggestions in the bottom called “Searches related” – that can yield a better virtual image. Use these related terms to find other phrases that can be used by customers during Google searches.

Google Related Searches

#3- Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Google Adwords Keyword Planner is one of the best free online tools for keyword research, it will greatly help you to evaluate your keyword list. The customized tool will help you narrow down to few, useful key terms. This is a tool that comes for free and is readily available in the internet!

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

#4- WordStream Keyword Tool

The WordStream keyword tool allows you to generate groups of related keywords and gives you the best keyword suggestions with monthly search volume and competition analysis.


#5- Wordtracker

The Wordtracker Keywords Tool helps you to grow your business and multiply your profits. Wordtracker now is trusted by many SEO professionals because it gives you effective keyword results, save time, boost your search engine rankings and discover profitable new market niches.


#6- Keywrod Discovery

Keyword Discovery Tool provides access to the biggest keyword database depend on all the search engines databases. Get all keyword search phrases that people use to find products and services, as well as the search terms that drive traffic to your competitors.

Keywrod Discovery

#7- Keyword IO combines many search queries from Google Analytics and Google Adsense together to give you a huge amounts of keywords suggestion that will put you on the top of search ranking positions.

#8- Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest keyword tool takes any keyword you type it and immediately gives you the best ideas around your keyword with perfect variations of your original keyword. With this free keyword tool you can instantly get thousands of keyword ideas from real user queries.


#9- Serpstat

Serpstat online keyword tool will give you the ability to take advantage of competitors keywords and positions and detailed reports on your main keyword. It has limited usage for free users by 30 queries per day but it still enough to get started with your keyword research journey.

serpstat keyword tool

#10- Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye is another online keyword research tool that will make it so easy to pick the best keywords immediately.

Keywrod eye

Wrapping UP…

  • It is quite interesting to note that Google keeps updating its search algorithms almost every day. They have a way of rolling irrelevant websites and businesses from their top rank list. With this being said, budding entrepreneurs strive hard to be amongst Google’s top page ranks.
  • That’s why Keyword Research comes first before you write your articles to gain better ranking positions, also you have to do keyword research constantly to reach new valuable keyword ideas to boost your traffic from time to time and stay hot.


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