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How to Increase Your Website Traffic Using Structured Data Markup

How to Increase Your Website Traffic Using Structured Data Markup
How to Increase Your Website Traffic Using Structured Data Markup

Have you ever wondered how search engines such as Google and Bing work? How can you benefit from this? What can you do to increase web traffic to your website by using Structured Data Markup?

As a webmaster, if a user would do a web search for a certain product or keyword, you would want your website information to be displayed the best way possible. Not only to create that so-wanted positive first impression, but also to increase the chances of engaging the visitors to your website, and there is where Structured Data Markup comes into play.

What is Structured Data Markup?

We could think of Structured Data Markup as a semantic “side language” to HTML that enables crawler bots to efficiently gather information regarding webpages for later indexing by Google and most of the major search engines like Bing, and then merging it with newer technologies to enhance the user experience. Once you apply this type of script to your HTML code, it will be prepped and more readable for information gathering bots.

Why Structured Data Markup is Important?

You can use Structured Data Markup embedded in your website to display on searches: contact information, to promote products and services, events, software apps, videos, articles, reviews, recipes, and so forth.

Structured Data Markup uses the widely recognized by most search engines vocabulary, and three different markup formats to help you with this task: Microdata, RDFa and JSON-LD to embed code in an HTML page.

It’s an important and easy way to give the ability to search engine’s spiders for better understanding your content structure, which means:

  • Who wrote this post?
  • When this post published?
  • What is the next and previous post?
  • When the last updated date of this post?
  • What is the location of this post according to other categories?

and much more useful information to increases the listening of the search engines index to your content’s voice.

How to Increase Your Website Traffic Using Structured Data Markup?

Your site can benefit in countless ways from using structured data markup. Simply put, the more information you provide through markup data, the more probable it is that a search engine result will have rich snippet of information.

Probably your site is already indexed, but is it indexed properly? Does it display information clearly? Is it indexed in a way that your website benefits from the merging with new experiences such as breadcrumbs, rich snippets, Microdata, site-links search box, and site name in search results?


Breadcrumbs Trails is a movement path allows users to keep track their locations within your website. It commonly used to increase the visitors experience and help search engines to understand your site structure.

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Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets are improved search engine listings that can increase traffic to your website. The more information you embed with Structured Data Markup, the higher the probability of having rich snippets appearing in search results pages.

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Microdata and Microformats

Microdata and Microformats are doing the same job, which is hentry author, entry-title, updated, etc. Microformats are the oldest and generally the most commonly known markup and Microdata is the newer syntax.

Google makes things easier to implement the markup main features without being an expert and understanding everything about it. Google markup helper enables you to select the type of markup you need.

Moreover, if you use WordPress or any other CMS (Content Management System), it is even easier, you can simply embed the code into the post template, and automatically it will generate the right code for web crawlers each time.

Also, you may use Yoast SEO wordpress plugin to implement all of most kind wanted Structured Data Markup without moving a finger.

Hint: How to Use Microformats and Microdata to Get More Traffic.

Sitelinks Search Box

Sitelinks Search Box is one of the best advanced Structured Data Markup features to show your website’s power to the world. It gives the ability to your users to search your site directly from search results which leads to more organic traffic, increases CTR (click-through-rate), and improves the user’s experience.

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Site Name in Search Results

Sitename in Search Results feature allows you to display your websites name instead of domain name in search results pages and replace the ugly URLs with your preferred name to Google attract the visitors to click on your pages.

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How to Check and Validate Structured Data Markup?

Once you finish embedding the code, it is vital to test your structured data markup before you let it loose into the Internet wild. If you don’t pay attention to this step and skip it, then you increase the risk of your site being re-crawled due to errors and not enjoying the full advantages of being properly indexed, not to mention, that it will take longer for your site to be displayed better.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool will help you to verify and validate your Structured Data Markup for any errors. It is recommended that after implementing the structured data markup within your HTML code, monitor your Google Webmaster tools account on a regular basis to see if any errors arise.


Once we understand the importance of using Structured Data Markup as a standard and essential piece in web coding, we will benefit more from the wealth of information we put out there about the websites and services we offer.



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