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6 Tips to Write Quality Content for Better SEO

Write Quality Content for Better SEO
Write Quality Content for Better SEO

Do you wish to know how to create SEO-friendly content? Are you planning to launch a successful website with effective content? If yes, you will definitely find this article useful. Here are Top six SEO-friendly content writing tips that will make sure your web page receives more attention from Google and other search engines.

If done properly, your website will top Google ranks in no time. However, remember that not all websites will be routed toward the search engine. This is why you should be careful with the number and kind of keywords you include on the web pages.

SEO Tip #1. Use Rich Blogging Platforms and Applications

If you wish to create SEO-friendly content, you must use a good blogging application or platform. Make sure the platform is preferred by renowned search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Well-known SEO-friendly blogging applications include Blogger and WordPress.

If possible, try to integrate this application to your search engine. Key features in top class blog applications would be as follows:

  1. You will find the right amount of keywords in your content.
  2. The application will include Meta tags and links in your content.
  3. The SEO Friendly blog application will trigger automatic RSS feed submission.

SEO Tip #2. Use Trendy, Informative and Up-to-date Content

When you include content on your website, make sure it is up-to-date and trendy. Never include content that is not related to your niche. Instead, be simple and crisp about what you do! Don’t draft content for the sake of doing it. This is because online visitors have plenty of options with much more useful, interesting information.

Generally, SEO-friendly content would sound natural and smooth. You can include things that are newsworthy and interesting to discuss. Also, you can include “How To” tutorials that revolve around trendy topics. For example, you can include facts about your new services, features, and products.

SEO Tip #3. Right Number of Words

To make sure your blogs and website is search engine optimized, you must have at least 500 words in it. A perfect length would be from 300 to 800 words with at least two high definition images. Meanwhile, make sure your content is original and flawless.

It should not be copied from anywhere. When you include content in business websites, keywords should be distributed properly. Articles that are 400 words in length should have a keyword density of 4 or 5. Also, verify if the keywords are “to the point” and frequently used in search engines.

SEO Tip #4. Write Eye-catching and Clickable Titles

According to experts, SEO friendly content comes with perfect post titles. The title must be at most 66 characters. Some search engines are customized to display 120 characters; however, Google displays only the first 66 characters.

This is why your keyword phrase must be crisp, short, and to the point. If you are unaware of how lengthy the title phrase should be, use a character counter! These tools will help you create SEO-friendly content with the right number of characters in the title.

SEO Tip #5. Use Funny, Infographics and ALT txt Images

As mentioned previously, you should create SEO friendly content with good images. Though search engines cannot see pictures, idealistic images will undeniably have an impact on your virtual rank. Meanwhile, don’t forget to include Alt tags with your images.

HTML code uses Alt tags directly. Additionally, rename images to suit the site’s keywords or phrases. This is a simple trick that will make sure your website content and images are search engine optimized.

For example, if your website revolves around top holiday destinations in London, you must rename the images to holiday destinations or holiday in London.These are useful keywords that can add more value to your SEO techniques. Nevertheless, make sure the keywords are short and worded aptly.

SEO Tip #6. Don’t Forget Meta Tags

Once you identify the content and images, you should pull together the site’s Meta tags. There are plenty of applications to aid you with Meta tags. Technically, Metadata alias tags are required to tell the search engines about your website. These tags are broken into three different segments, title, description, and keywords.

  • The Meta keywords are identified by Google, Yahoo and Bing! These keywords should match the words (key phrases) you use on your website. Generally, the keywords are separated using commas. At most, the keywords can have 256 characters.
  • Meta description is a short summary of what the website deals with. It must sell your website and its content efficiently. Usually, online visitors must be able to understand what your site is about from this description. A good Meta description tag will be around 150 characters.
  • Meta Title is one of the most important tags you can include in your website. It helps search engines figure out what your web page is about. Meta Titles appear on the title bar and are visible to all online visitors. Never include more than one keyword in your Meta title. Instead, pick one keyword and pull together a good Meta Title.

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Things to be Avoided

The list of SEO friendly content writing tips will remain incomplete without “Things that should not be done”.

  • You should not stuff your website with keywords and phrases. Make sure the website’s content is drafted carefully and wisely.
  • Don’t make use of cloaking strategies that Google can de-rank your site for or copy content from other websites.
  • Always remember that Google has powerful algorithms to verify if your web content is legit and original. Websites that fail to follow authentic pathways will be found and blocked by Google.

Want to Make Your Site Famous?

Last but certainly not least, try to make your website viral by posting it on social media sites. Google’s Webmaster tools will aid you in advertising your site. Whenever you add new content, a webmaster will make sure the search engine knows about it. These are simple ways of becoming famous in the virtual market. After all, the internet is all about fame, customers, and more profit!



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